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Taking care of yourself is key to not only your survival but further on to your health and wellbeing. If we do not, we find ourselves needing to go to extremes just to survive. We are therefore left with two options; either make time to take care of ourselves, or wait and deal with the consequences of not making that time.

The way we need to take care of our physical selves applies to when it comes to taking care of our spiritual selves. When you do not spare some time for God, we soon find ourselves in situations where we need to take some drastic and often desperate steps. With God in your life, you find that it is easier to deal with the ever-present challenges than it will be to deal with a compounded mass of challenges.

When disaster strikes, whatever its form or fashion, we are built to try and find a solution that fits that moment. You can see why people turn to drugs or alcohol when stressed or in despair. But whatever solution we turn to at that time, none of them have the longevity or absolution of turning to God.

Most fixes we have invented are temporary. Some of them even lead to a buildup of tolerance. What used to work so well before now no longer seems to have that impact. But just like ensuring you have a good diet, enough exercise, and quality sleep, turning to God sees to it that your troubles are not that hard to bear. He has the way and provides you with an ever ending flow of peace, joy, healing, contentment, and prosperity.

When you are well nourished spiritually, you have the strength to face anything. The power from God is infinite, as are His blessings. The power we find in temporary solutions is fleeting and barely scratches the surface.

The best way to ensure you receive that ever-flowing power and grace is first to pray daily. Prayer is how you connect to God. You need to ensure you are in constant communication with God if you expect to have a lasting relationship.

You need to read the Bible then often. A daily Bible reading plan works best for anyone. Dedicating time to receive His teaching ensures better understanding and more strength to face your day. You will notice changes in your life, as you grow spiritually with each passing day. You can turn to this site for a more comprehensive approach to this step.

You need to also go to church. By attending church, you will first be obeying one of God’s Ten Commandments. You, therefore, need to find a good church, if you do not already attend one and dedicate Sunday and any additional day you can manage to go to church. That congregation of thanks givers pleases God abundantly.
When you take care of your spiritual body, all other components of your being will be properly aligned; you will have peace and know joy even in times of strife.

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