10 Creative Ways to Wedding Photography Lebanon

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10 Creative Ways to Wedding Photography Lebanon

Wedding photography in Lebanon is extremely important for all couples and they want their album to look the best and be unique. This is one thing which stays with them for years after marriage which reminds them of this great day. Below are a few different ideas which you could use to make this memory stay alive for you –


1. Display your shots at the reception – This is one of the most fun and creative things which is getting more and more popular. You can use your wedding day picturesand prepare a slideshow to be displayed ona projector screen in your reception. This is a big advantage with the digital photos these days that you immediately get them.


2. Have a proper photo booth – You can have a fancy photo booth setup for the special day and get pictures click in front of that. This would ensure that the photos are bright, colorful and fancy. This will add on to a grace when been put up in your photo album. You can decorate the photo booth with any color flowers as per your theme. This would look like an add-on decoration.


3. Have Photo Props – You can keep photo props like “Just Married”, “Bride”, “Groom”, “I Love You” and so on. Getting photos clicked with photo props in hand is like the most latest trend and adds on to the fun element in the party and also in the pictures which are been clicked. These give a very funky look to the photos. Just try this without thinking and not just you but all your guests are also going to love it. These photo props are these days easily available with the party coordinators or the shops which sell party accessories.


4. Get Candid Photography – Candid photography means when one is not posing for the photo but the photographer randomly clicks anybody doing anything. These photos look very natural and sometimes the best emotions are been captured which otherwise couldn’t have been captured in normal photos.


5. Get Pre-Marriage Shoot –You can get a proper pre-marital shoot done by a professional and add the pics of it in your wedding album.


6. Get shots of smallest details – You can get picture clicked of your wedding gown hanging on a hanger and shoes lying on the floor. These small details adds several memories to your album.


7. Be bold – Don’t be shy when getting photos clicked. Lift your bride in your arms and get clicks. Trust me, you are going to get a big smile on your face whenever you see such cute photos.


8. Honeymoon – You can get professional photography done for a day when you are on your honeymoon. It is important to trap all the memories around the wedding in this beautiful photo album.


9. Pick a family coordinator – You surely don’t want any important person to get missed in your photo album. You can pick a coordinator who would be responsible for finding and remembering all the members to be present in the big photo. This way everything is going to be more organized.


10. Meet your local photographer before the big day – You must share all your ideas with the photographer before the day to avoid any confusion and also take his ideas as surely he is more experienced. Give him a list of all the poses you want to surely get pictures clicked in.


Use the creative tips given above to get a memorable photo album of your big wedding in Lebanon ready to cherish all your life.

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