Business of Transportation – Android Game

Transport Tycoon was developed by Chris Sawyer and published by MicroProse in the year 1994. This game focuses on the management of economic progress. The game was developed using the isometric view, where three-dimensional pictures are viewed in two dimensions. It was coded in X86 assembly language. The music used in this game was composed by John Broomhall and he used old style blues and jazz. The developer makes the seasonal change accordingly.

 The next version of Transport Tycoon android game called Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD) was released in the year 1995. TTD game was released for android and IOS on 3rdOctober 2013. MicroProse is a publisher as well as a developer, promoted by “Wild” Bill Stealey and Sid Meierin the year 1982. They have developed many vehicle games and strategy games. In Google Play, the game was reviewed as four-star games.

Game, the business

This is the game of business, where the player has to develop a transport company and successfully run for 100 years. Before starting the company, the player has to build the routes for connecting the places and he needs to construct stations near industries and in the town, where more people will use his transportation. While creating routes, bridges, tunnels, etc. are to be constructed. The station and the company that the player is going to start will have some rating depending upon the capability of moving goods from one station to another. The high rated station will have more goods to carry.

The player has to borrowthe amount from a financial company and start the transportation company. The financial company will charge you interest until you repay the amount you borrow. The player can expand his transport company after he gains amount. The player has to start the game, Transport Tycoon android from the year 1930 and the last stage will be 2030. It will take nearly 40 hours to complete this game. As the year passes the technology gets improved, hence the company needs to update accordingly, not only with the vehicle but also the path for the new vehicles.

When the player sustains till 2030, he is said to be the winner of the game and his name will be posted in the “hall of fame”. The main advantages of this game are, we can stop playing anywhere and we can save the game where we stopped. We can also save multiple games at any spot we stopped. The player must note that the vehicles are stopping at the right place. The company will have a rating system according to the goods or people using their transportation.

The player can earn only when the people or goods used his transport and transfer from one place to another. The player can gain more whenever the transports are at demanding places like town, industries, companies, etc. where the people availability will be more. The player earnings depend on the distance, time and the quantity they delivered. They have to expand their transportation between the towns that may give more earnings to the player.

The people will startusing the player’s transportation only when the rating of that company is high, otherwise, the people will stop using the player’s transportation. The rating depends upon the people satisfaction, construction of stations, the path they use, etc.

The player has to create and develop nearby cities and towns, which can depend upon the industrial growth and population growth. The player will come across nearly 140 vehicles. He can also visit beautiful deserts, mountains, islands, etc. while routing for his transportation.