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How to Work Through a Sexless Relationship.

More than 20M Americans are not having sex despite being married. When it comes to navigating marriage, when you know that something is not right you may beat yourself up thinking that others have it easy but sexless marriage is not happening to you alone if that is where you are. Even so, you need to decide on what to do. Marriage is not a roommate situation but rather the stage where you get to be intimate as frequently as possible. A sexless marriage signifies issues that are deep-rooted and you have to handle them.

You don’t want to be missing out on the perks of having regular sex which is why you need to fix the problem as fast as possible. There are many things to use in rekindling the romance in your marriage. In going back to romance in the relationship you should start a sex diary. It calls for setting apart a specific time for you to have sex. With this in mind, you will prepare adequately. Also, the anticipation will increase the excitement.

The more you have sex the more you will want it which is why it should on your calendar. Booking a hotel room out of town or going abroad can help bring back romance. You just have to leave the house for something new. You need the two of you to have time to yourselves. Get a few days off from work or get a baby sitter if you have children. This allows you to forget about the pressures the daily life will give you. When you only have to concentrate on your partner you will connect. It also gives you peace of mind. The importance of communication in a marriage cannot be emphasized. Healthy relationships thrive when there is communication. It is not easy bringing up the sex discussion but if it is the only way you will fix the problem you cannot underestimate that.

Have this talk with your lover when you are not in the bedroom and discuss all the ways you can find solutions. This discussion should not be confrontational and you have to listen to what your partner has to say. The issues that might have contributed to the problem might vary. Solving the problem will help you get back to where you used to be. This is not a once-off discussion but rather something you need to keep up with. When you are having healthy sex discussions it will be easy for your relationship to grow strong. Going to therapy together will be helpful too.