Wedding Photography Tips in Lebanon

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Wedding Photography Tips in Lebanon

Wedding photos are extremely precious for the newlywed couple and there is no scope of messing them up. Here is a list of tips which you should keep in mind while getting wedding photography in Lebanon

  1. Create a shot list – The most important tip is to prepare a list of shots that you would like to get clicked on the day. It is also essential to have a list of people you definitely want to have a picture clicked with. This is very helpful in the family shots. This will save you from feeling bad later that you didn’t get the pictures clicked with your favorite people and in your best looking pose on your wedding day.
  2. Wedding Photography family photo coordinator – Finding all the family members and also remembering the list of them on your busy day could be very stressful and you definitely don’t want any kind of stress on your special day. You should nominate a family member who will act as a family photo coordinator and help you in collecting all the members for a perfect family picture.
  3. Scout the location – Visit all the locations at your venue before the wedding day and decide all the spots where you would want a picture to be clicked. In this activity, you can take help of your photographer who could suggest that which location has better lighting for the picture.
  4. Preparation is the key – There is so much happening on your wedding that a lot can go wrong and not as you had expected. You should keep a backup camera and extra batteries for the camera. Even if you have hired a professional photographer, keep in place a reliable family member or friend who is ready to be a standby photographer on your wedding.
  5. Get shots of small details – Don’t forget to get the smallest and most important things at your wedding clicked. You should get a picture of your rings, your dress when hanging on a hanger or lying on the bed, shoes, flowers, table decorations and so on. These special pictures look amazing in your photo album or coffee table book.
  6. Be bold – When getting pictures clicked, be bold. You shouldn’t feel shy and get pictures clicked in all your favorite poses. Don’t get disturbed with what all is happening around you as there are a lot of distractions.
  7. Display your shots at the reception – This is one of the most fun things to do. You can display your wedding day photographs in a form of a slideshow on the big screen on your reception. This is a big advantage these days as you get digital photos immediately.
  8. Consider your backgrounds – Remember your background is clear. There are many people going left and right in the party. So you must ensure that the background is clear, especially in the formal pictures. You should select places which are not cluttered and are not in shaded area.

There are many other points which you should keep in mind for getting wedding photography done but the above points are very important to keep in mind for a beautiful photo album of your wedding and reception in Lebanon.

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