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Fun Activities for your Dog

Owning a dog comes with the responsibility to take care of it. That also includes making sure they are entertained. There are dogs that value their sleep, and others that may be bored. This is the perfect recipe for destructive behavior. Here are the means through which you can handle that boredom.
You need to have them exercising. You need to let a dog get out of the house if it has spent all day in it. This is when they will release all that stored energy. If you can walk the dog for an hour in the morning, it shall be great. Even when you are short of time, go for as long as possible. Ensure that as time goes you can increase it till there is enough for the required amount.
You need to make their mealtimes fun. There are toys you can get that shall turn mealtime into fun times. Alternatively, you can hide their treats in different parts of the house and have them hunt them out.
You should also take time to get them new toys. Over time, they tend to get bored with their current selection. As they see new ones and some of the older ones, they will be less bored.
If your schedule allows, you can also get into games of tug-of-war with them. It shall be more fun when you play with your kids as well.
You need to also change the routes and times you go for walks. This is how you will keep every walk fun for the dog. You can walk in different neighborhoods for the dog to learn new things.
There are also house chores the dog will love doing. They will enjoy participating in those with you. A good place to start would be to teach them to return the toys in their boxes after playing. These chores shall give you a more confident dog.
You should also arrange for play dates with other dogs. This is most beneficial for those with one dog. Ask your friends and relatives who also keep dogs to join you. You will make it fun for these pets if you can take a weekend to allow them to mingle and play. There is a need for you to watch how your dog interacts with others the first time, to be sure it is safe, or does not harm others. Apart from that, visiting new places also gets these dogs excited.
There is also the TV for entertaining the dog. They love the different sounds and voices coming from the TV. Such voices make them think, and thus not bored.
These tips shall help you determine what works for your dog. You can read more too about caring for the dog. There shall be more info on this site.